Your Electronic First Impression- The Resume.

how to write a resume

Many people come to us asking for assistance with their resume. That got us thinking so we asked around, did a little research and here are some fun facts for you to think about:

Did you know that the average resume length for a person just coming into the workforce is about 300-350 words? The word count tends to go up with both experience and salary topping off between 850-1000 words!

Did you know that the look and feel of your resume should reflect you, not an image of you but the you that the interviewer will hopefully meet in person? If your area of expertise is artsy, or requires a designer touch, then the resume can reflect that. If you are an attorney, an accountant or banking professional, you may want to keep those lines clear and straightforward.

This is understood but here goes anyway- do not fabricate, embellish or heaven forbid lie. Technology is an easily accessible and strong tool for hiring departments and verification is easier than it once was. Stand tall and talk bout yourself in a strong and confident voice.

It is an electronic image. This is the first look a hiring person will have of you. It is electronic, cold, and impersonal so let your true self jump off that page and grab their attention.

We love to hear that after interview telephone call as you yell, “I GOT THE JOB!”  Let us be your writer and create that electronic image for you!

PS Cover letter or no cover letter?

Always a yes. A cover letter adds value to your resume and application and affords you a tiny bit more ‘voice.’ Target the cover letter to the position for which you are applying. You do you and let your personality, achievements and specific skills and tools shine.


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