Written Resolutions for 2020

Written Resolutions.

Yes, it’s that time when the joy of the holidays are behind us and January 1st is looming over our heads. We are forced to face the music:

  • How did we do on our 2019 goals and resolutions?
  • What are we planning for 2020?

Over the years,  I have attended numerous talks, speeches, and training classes on success, productivity, and management. They all had one thing in common:


Four reasons you should write down your 2020 resolutions and goals.

Let’s be honest, we forget! The mental challenges of home/work life balance, deadlines, financial stresses, and life in general clog up our brains. Things get lost, misplaced, or forgotten.

  1. Writing it down makes it real.
  2. When the goals are in black & white, they are clearer. You have taken the time to formulate a sentence and write it down.
  3. Seeing the words are motivating
  4. It feels good to check off items that are complete.

I am a little partial to pen and paper, my Franklin Planner, or even my desk blotter for notes and reminders. Whenever I can write down my goals, see them on a regular basis, and track them to completion, they actually do get done.

Happy New Year!

May 2020 bring you health, happiness, and success.

Oh, and if you need some help writing things down….contact me! It’s a new year.  Make it count-  Karen 

write down your resolutions and goals

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