Why should I blog? What do I say?

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Every day we work with clients who diligently review and plan the content we are creating for them for their new website. Perfect, right?

Then comes the discussion about adding a blog.

“What would I write about? I’m not an expert on anything!”

Really? We just spent over a week on your content, what the content should be, and how it should be displayed and conveyed. Oh, we think you can write, and you are an expert in your own business.

Why small businesses should blog on a regular basis?


  1. Blogging is a platform to show your expertise on industry related topics. Your clients and prospects will benefit from your knowledge and in turn will look to you as a resource and partner ultimately leading to new customers and growth.
  2. It allows you to be yourself. When you write, let your true self show. It gives your clients insight into you and your company culture. People do purchase from people they know and like.
  3. Google loves content. Content keeps your site fresh, your SEO active and healthy, and increases internet visibility.

So, let’s take it for a test drive!

Start small and pick a topic you are comfortable writing 400-600 words about. Speak from the heart and with an authority that highlights your expertise, passion, and willingness to share that knowledge.

Blogs are cost effective and drive brand awareness.

Toot your own horn. Blog a short piece and invite comments. Be sure to respond to the comments and answer any questions. This further demonstrates your knowledge and desire to educate culminating in trust.

Are you interested in creating a blog for your company and you need help? Our technical and design team can work with you on a blog format and get you up and running in less than 10 days.

No time to blog? Not a problem. The content creation team at Put Another Way can work with you to create relevant, original content posts for your company blog. 

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