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Website design marries exceptional content at Put Another Way. These two critical pieces create your brand and image and we are pleased to provide these services to so many small businesses and start-up companies.

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What is the purpose and value of a logo?

purpose of a logo

What is the purpose and value of a logo?

As content writers, we recognize the value and purpose of a logo.  Logo designs drive the look and feel of the website, the marketing materials and even the social media pages. Your logo is more than a colorful image. It represents the value of your brand and is the first look your customers have into your business persona. The purpose of your logo is limitless.

A tool to build brand awareness.

Logos and branding appear to us from the moment we wake up and see a logo on our alarm clock.  Companies spend inordinate amounts of money and resources to make sure consumers identify with their logo and brand. Take a moment and visualize the logos that come into your mind? Levi Strauss & Co., Twinings Tea, and Shell Oil are the oldest logos in the world.  Recognizing the logo equates to an understanding and buy-in of the brand.

Which comes first, the logo or the website?

Content writers and website designers utilize the logo to play a critical role in the creation process. We are continually challenged with the question of which comes first, the logo or the website.

The website design and layout coupled with content can work its magic to generate an image in our heads of how we want this company or person to be perceived.  When we build the site first, the logo design traditionally goes through less revisions.

When the logo is created and provided to us to build a site around, that too establishes a persona in our minds affording us the ability to capture it in a website layout. Clients find this method easier.

Either way, the logo and website are dance partners on the internet and should represent a solidified message to your customers and prospects.

4 qualities of a successful logo.

So what’s the purpose of a logo? Creating a logo does not deliver instant association and awareness. It takes the workings of our marketing strategists and social media gurus to accomplish that feat. Here are 4 qualities we should build into a logo, adding some tread to the efforts of your marketing company.

  1. Make is simple and recognizable. If it takes more than 30 seconds to figure it out coupled with a tilt or two of the head, it is lost.
  2. Be flexible. When we deliver a logo, we make sure it is as effective in black and white as it is in color.  We provide different sizes and options for social media pages and advertisements.
  3. Wear it like a badge. Use your logo on all materials and correspondence. Promotional items are effective when the give-a-way is relevant, and your logo is clearly visible.
  4. Patience is a virtue. It takes time for brand and logo recognition. Nike was not built in a day and either will your logo.  It’s ok, keep working it.

Your logo is you.

The Put Another Way logo has a pencil in the design. I love using a pencil and I am thankful for the forgiveness of that little eraser on the top.  Purple is my favorite color and the logo is slightly tilted, just like I tilt my head when listening to a client.  The logo represents the business and me.  Your logo should do the same.

Take your time and think about who and what you want the logo to represent. If you need help finding your voice in that design, we are right here.