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What is a Call to Action, and why is it more than just a button?

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What is a Call to Action, and why is it more than just a button?

You know what a Call to Action is. We have been exposed to thousands of them. It is that seemingly innocent little button, tab, or box that asks you a question or begs you to act:

  • Learn More
  • Get Started
  • Buy now
  • Install now
  • Sign up
  • Get the scoop
  • Try it Free
  • Donate

You get the idea. The introduction to the Call to Action or CTA is commonly referred to as the most overlooked yet mission-critical component of your website or marketing strategy. The content describing the product or service creates the interest and engagement to motivate the reader to click that CTA.

What is a Call to Action?

CTA plays a supporting role in your business marketing strategy. You may be offering a discount if the buyer purchases now. The goal may be to build your customer database by exchanging their email address for a coupon or free item. Many CTA clicks are to schedule an appointment or ‘contact us,’ presenting the opportunity for interaction and a close.

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Why do you need a Call to Action?

It takes a little more than just the Call to Action to drive conversions. It requires a compelling purpose to persuade the reader to take action. The CTA tells them what to do, how to do it, and why they should culminate with a reward. The CTA can be short, one to two words or they can be as long as a sentence, for example, “Meet our honeymoon travel specialists.”

Why do so many websites lack a CTA?

We are regularly asked to review an existing website for a customer struggling to engage with their audience and drive interest. In a sampling of websites that we have redesigned in the past six months, 47% had less than four CTA options, and of the four, 75% were ‘contact us.’

Website visitors are accustomed to website design layouts, functionality, and placement of information. Your website visitors went to your site to research, purchase, or engage with you to learn more about your business. Help them along! Place the CTA buttons or banners clearly with a little incentive to push them over to take that action.

Give them a reason to take action.

The importance of the Call to Action is mission-critical in support of your marketing strategy. You have engaged with your marketing team and set one or two goals for a specific period, such as holiday shopping.

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Help your visitors take a CTA.

  • Please don’t confuse the reader and challenge them to figure out what you want them to do. Make the CTA stand out with color, design, or both. Clearly state your desire and engage with your target audience.
  • Verbs rule; use them: Learn, start, sign up, join, and download. See that? Super easy!
  • Use your content to engage the reader and explain why they need to take the Call to Action.
  • Please give them a treat for clicking the button: a free eBook or travel mug when they stop in.

Remember we mentioned that well-crafted marketing strategy? Be sure to use the same CTA buttons on newsletters, landing pages, emails, and blog posts. (It’s all about branding!)

CTA is an extension of your marketing strategy.

If you are looking at your website right now and are hard-pressed to find a Call to Action button, we can help. We will analyze your website for less than the price of a month’s worth of drive-thru coffee and lattes and help you create engaging Call to Action buttons.