What do I write about?

what do i write about in a blog
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It’s a new year and for most of us it is a time to review the last 12 months and see what we can improve upon….in our business. We can discuss personal improvement at another time.

Many of our clients have expressed a desire to blog more or update the content on their web pages. The desire is there but the nagging question is:

What do I write about?

Content is a moving target. People chase  content based on what they read will bring them followers, clients, or views. Here at Put Another Way, we feel a little more strongly that within reason, the activity will come to you if you stay active.

How do I do that?

There are may ways you can stay focused on your content and not drive yourself crazy:

  • Come up with a content calendar to map out your topics for a specific period of time. Don’t go crazy and attempt to do it for a year. Start with just this week and then move up to a month, etc.
  • How about a theme? Are you a designer? Blog about color, textiles, unique designs.
  • Just be consistent. Look at your web content and be sure it is on par with the blog content. Is it current and can people relate to it?

If this is something that terrifies or intimidates you, no worries. We can do this for you. We offer solutions from a website content reskinning to blog writing packages beginning at once a week. It is easy and we can get you started.

Contact us to learn more or take a shot at it yourself and we can edit it to help you find your voice. Either way, just get out there and talk about your business. People really do want to hear it.

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