Welcome to the startup suite!

This is our first year in business and we too are a small business. In our day to day life, we experience some of the challenges that many small businesses and startups face.  Sadly, for so many small businesses and startups these challenges are financial.

In both social and professional settings, people ask us all the time about the value of a website, social media activity and relevant website content.  They are looking for that silver bullet of information that will deliver activity, new clients and growth. While we do not possess that silver bullet, nor do we profess to be an expert on all aspects of the marketing process, we do feel passionately about website imaging and messaging. For many small businesses it’s the only sales presence and effort that they can afford.

And therein lies the problem:  It’s what you can afford.

After hearing this we decided to develop a suite of services for the small business or startup. It is at the critical initial stages of existence and growth that they need help most, yet they cannot afford the services of a large agency.  Enter the Startup Suite.

The Startup Suite allows a small business or startup to comfortably afford a new or reskinned website, original and relevant content, and perhaps even logo and branding services all at a reasonable price point. This creates a base platform on which they can build upon later to enhance their message and presence.

Your outward facing image doesn’t need to be pricey, flashy or expensive.  It does, however, need to show who you are, what and why you do what you do, and provide a strong voice to speak to your prospects or clients. It is your sales presence.

So, check out the Startup Suite and contact us if you’d like to learn more.  We would like to help.  You can afford it and you can make an impact.

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