The Old Five Paragraph Essay

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I bet you can remember the first major essay or paper you wrote. Sitting at a table, blank sheet of paper in the typewriter, (ha-ha), no idea how to attack this assignment.

The same holds true for so many small businesses. You know you need a website and you find a wonderful programmer to build it. As the process unfolds, you realize that programmer is not a writer and they look to you for the content.

Content? What do you mean content? Isn’t that what a programmer does?

Programmers are the geniuses of web life. They build, create, and make your company come to life on the world wide web. Now you have the ‘building’ and you need to furnish it.

Content writers are the designers who fill in and furnish the site. They tell your story, show your images, and bring your company to life for the viewer. More is not always better so how do you accomplish getting your message across quickly and succinctly?

Many times, that old five paragraph essay comes into play once more. Write an introduction, then list 3 main points, and close with a summary or call to action (CTA). This process can be done grammatically or visually. You can add key ‘paragraphs’ to explain your products and services but keep it simple.

The attention span of a web surfer is short so make the site appealing and the content easy to skim and read for key points. Soon your new website/salesperson is telling your tale and demonstrating your abilities to the consumer.

At Put Another Way, we are content writers and work in conjunction with a programmer you choose, or you can use one of our experts.

This much is true: Together we will create your persona and message, accurately and simply culminating into a strong presence on the web.

Need help? Contact us for a quick call or email and let us help you find your voice.

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