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Website Content

Website content is a broad term encompassing text, images, art, and call to actions all culminating in the user experience. Here are a few things to think about when formulating the look and feel of your website content:

  • Keep it simple. Best way to speak to a prospect or client is to actually speak to them. Your website is a virtual salesperson so how would you talk to a client or prospect if you were sitting in front of them?
  • It’s not about you, it’s about them. What are your clients and prospects looking for and if you have it, how can we best explain it to them and incentivize them to buy or take action?
  • Never let it get stale. You have worked so hard on your website and content. You sit back now and relax waiting for the phone to ring and business to pour in, right? Nope, takes a little more than that. Add a blog so your content is fresh. Review the pages every quarter and update as needed.

Do not stress. We can help by creating a content calendar to insure your blog posts stay on track and your content stays fresh.

Visit our Pricing and Plans page for the complete menu of products and pricing plans.

Blog Content

Writing blog content for your website is more than an exercise to add content to the site. Blogging delivers proven benefits for your company brand and website:

  • Drives traffic and boosts search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Establishes you and your company as a resource and industry leader.
  • Blogging is a ‘virtual voice’ that can humanize your online presence driving leads and conversions to sales.
  • The blog content can double as content for newsletters and social media posts binding all forms of your online presence into one identity.

Blogging services can be purchased as single, one-time post or monthly programs for weekly posts including high quality images. Content calendars are included with all programs.

Visit our Pricing and Plans page for the complete menu of products and pricing plans.