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Resume Services

According to, résumé is defined as:

a summing up; summary.

a brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as prepared by an applicant for a job.

We think it’s a little more than that. Your resume is the initial introduction a prospective employer will have prior to meeting you. In can be the difference between getting that first round interview or getting a pass. We want you to get that interview!

We will meet with you and review your current resume, if you have one, or just chat and take notes to build the information we will need to create your resume. Our resume services provide one complete resume and one cover letter including two rounds of edits. Format options will be discussed in advance. We give you an editable document that you can amend, if you choose, as your experiences change.

LinkedIn Profiles

Now that your resume is updated and innovative, you need to amend your LinkedIn profile. Keeping a consistent content and image is a message to possible employers that you are diligent and organized.

LinkedIn content provides new and relevant content for your LinkedIn Summary and updates to your employment history based on the new resume content.

Our LinkedIn services provide content for the summary and employment experience, including two rounds of edits.

Executive Biographies

Executive level biographies are often requested by local publications, the Chamber of Commerce or for a professional association publication. We are familiar with industry compliance requirements and press release formatting.

Our Executive Biography service provides content within the parameters of the requirements of the requesting source and includes two rounds of edits.