Quick- Give me 100 words.

Vector idea sketch background with elements drawn with pen sketchs

Some people say writing is a gift.  It takes heart and soul, luck, and hard work. It’s an exercise for the brain.  Many professors over the years claimed that stretching your brain builds the skills needed to write.

I write a personal blog, www.pastaonthefloor.com . I began writing many years ago when working for a large firm in Manhattan.  My commute was over 3 hours and I used the time to write. One fellow commuter was instrumental in encouraging me to create that blog and I thank you, Larry, for all the support and laughs that have come because of that conversation on the train.

Today, people ask my team at Put Another Way to create relevant content for them and mostly work on a calendar for blog content.  Some have questioned us about their business subject matter and whether we can accurately pen articles on that subject matter.

So here is a quiz.  See the image below and write 100 words that come to mind when you see the image. This is like the old sales interview question, “Sell me this pen”.  So, here goes (104 words):

“Make a wish!”, my grandmother yelled from the window.  Dandelions were abundant in her yard and a source of activity for me as an active little girl. My grandmother was a typical Italian grandmother and very frugal.  Dandelions were a source of food.  She used the greens in salad as the taste is like arugula.  This was a free resource and her neighbor used dandelions to make wine!

Dandelions are not poisonous if eaten in lesser amounts. They are rich in oxalates but in large doses can be damaging.

So, make a wish and remember this when you see dandelions blowing in the wind.

No worries if you cannot do this, that’s why we are here!  Let us help you find your voice and create valuable content.  Contact us and let’s chat.

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