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Learning about business- a visit to the classroom.

picture of a classroom with students.

Learning about business- a visit to the classroom.

On Thursday I visited the Glens Falls High School in Glens Falls, NY. I was asked by the business class teacher, Robert Amberger to speak with the students about my business, and running a business Q&A in general.

As the students poured in and took their seats in some seriously comfy chairs. (I did not have that in high school), I began to gather my thoughts.

Being content writers, we are so often asked about writing for websites, about us pages and resumes, I thought we would start with introductions.

Beginning to build your profile.

“Let’s go around the room and tell me your name, if you play any sports, and maybe tell me some things that you like.”

And so, it began,

“I play football.”

“I like makeup.”

“I like tech things”

“I play soccer.”

“Math is my thing”

And at the end of this exercise, each student basically gave me the beginnings of their ‘elevator pitch.”  It was awesome. I would love to follow these students and see how that ‘story’ changes and grows in a year, three years, and five years.

Why start a business?

Perhaps the one thing I did not discuss with these students is passion. It seems like such an overused word, yet it is so telling. You need that desire and drive to do it. Starting a business is hard work. Starting one later in life is both a blessing and a curse. Whether you want to study cosmetic chemistry, math, gaming technology, art, or general studies, do what you like. I tell my children all the time that it is a long life and you should enjoy what you do.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Look, I get it. Some old lady comes to class to talk about her business. Yawn. It was home coming weekend and the excitement was high, but the students were engaging and patient with me as I spoke about various things.

  • We chatted about the importance of LinkedIn. It is never too early to create a profile. Use the high school senior picture for now and begin to add accomplishments whether it is a varsity letter or an art award. Please do not dismiss the activities and happenings that have gotten you this far.
  • We talked about the importance of a good handshakes. Practice it, and ladies, make it a good one.
  • Experience is experience. What I mean is, don’t dismiss a waitress job or camp counselor. You have learned to deal with people, sometimes difficult people. You  learned to manage your time and have created a mindset to be punctual, professional, and well rounded.
  • Perhaps a little off topic but be kind to each other. Not everyone can be a great athlete or a stellar student. You truly are stronger together than you ever will be if divided.

Inviting me to come to the class and share the class period with the students was wonderful, thank you. I am here if you need help or if you have any questions.

Ok, enough preaching. Go Indians and kick some butt tonight under the lights and beat Broadalbin-Perth.


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