It is time- things are blooming!

In the past, I have never really been in love with the spring season.  It seemed tentative- warm today, snowy tomorrow. Very fickle. Yet, a sunny April morning does elicit feelings of renewal and hope for warmer and longer days. Let’s go with that.

Spring is fresh and new, and we should embrace that. I find it interesting that so many businesses are looking to reskin, reinvent, and challenge their status quo.  Maybe spring is not so bad if you look at it as a chance to start again.

Are you ready to bloom?

As a content writing service in Albany, NY, we have been busy this month with requests to rebrand logos, spruce up blogs, change up web content, and even write a few resumes! But before we take that leap of change, let’s ask a few questions and start to map out our plan:

  • When was the last time you did a blog post?
  • Has there been a change or updated content to your website in the last 30 days?
  • When you look at your logo/brand, do you think people ask, “What does that mean?”
  • When your website loads and that first page appears, does it tell your audience who you are and what you do?

Please don’t stress out. If you own your own business, or you manage your company’s website and brand, take a look and perhaps get a freshen up tweak. At Put Another Way, we tune up our own identity in the spring whether it is a new page, new content…something new. Use that feeling to kick start a new plan and drive change.

Shiny and new?

All that glitters is not necessarily gold, but it can still glitter. Shiny and new does not mean expensive and out of reach. Let’s chat and take a few minutes to just look at that status quo and see if we can make it shine brighter.

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