It is resume time!

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Yes, spring is upon us and that means graduation will soon be here. As the parent of a college senior the long-distance discussions have been centered around interviewing and resumes.

Why is writing a resume so daunting?

Simple. Because you are writing about yourself. It may be easy to brag about beating the LAX high scoring record in high school but talking about your real accomplishments requires thought, patience, and objectivity.

It is hard to do, but hey, I have LinkedIn!

Why do I need a resume if my ‘resume’ is viewable on my LinkedIn page?

Well that brings up another point and a larger discussion about your online presence and consistency with your resume. LinkedIn is often used to substantiate the information on a resume. Hiring managers often look to LinkedIn and other social media resources  to learn more about an applicant.

Bottom line: once you have a new and refreshed resume, update your LinkedIn profile.

Need help?

Most people do and we will provide one on one exchanges to learn about you, your work history, education, and achievements. Contact us and let us help you get the job or position you want and put you on the professional path you desire.

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