Gone fishing!

Old gone fishing sign on green doors.

OK full disclosure?  We don’t really go fishing.  We do like the lake, the mountain air, and ice cream on the dock. Sometimes you just need to get out, clear your head, and smell that mountain air. Creative and active minds need to stretch and and then rest, just like an athlete does. As content writers and copywriters, a clear, well-rested mind is a happy mind.

Adirondack Mountains

So we took a ride.

We closed up the laptops, forwarded our phones to cell phones, grabbed a huge iced coffee and set out for a long winding road kind of drive. The sunroof was open and James Taylor was playing on the radio,  We have been working extra hard with our clients to add COVID-19  informative content to their websites, social media posts, and newsletters.  Conversations with men and women out of work, or fearing the loss of their jobs have resulted in some kick-butt resumes, if we do say so ourselves. It feels good to help.

Take some time when you need it.

It is ok to take some time. We are sharing our ‘time off philosophy’ with you in an effort to validate the feelings of  “Holy cow. I need a break!” We have a client who was very overwhelmed with the process of starting his business.   We are creating his website and writing content for  brochures, business cards, and a newsletter.  Yesterday he said he was taking Friday off to just gather his thoughts.  I applauded him for his ability to step back and give witness and respect to what he was feeling.

So in an act of solidarity, we did the same.  Enough writing.  Get out there in the sunshine and breathe deeply.  Your head, heart, and soul will thank you.

Karen and the Team at Put Another Way.

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