Fun Fact #27: It is read a book day.

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Reading and writing go hand in hand. At Put Another Way, we all love to read so today is an especially grand day to celebrate, other than National Chocolate or Cheese Day (yesterday was Cheese Pizza Day).

Today is Read a Book Day.

This is not an official U.S. holiday but perhaps it should be. Today is a day of encouragement to stop, silence all the noise of life around us, and just read a book.

Why read a book?

C’mon, admit it. Nothing beats curling up with a great book, a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine and transporting yourself into the story you are reading. For just a little while, you are a detective, a world traveler, a chef, or the focus of someone’s love in a romance novel. Books are amazing and can be somewhat medicinal:

  • Reading can lower stress
  • Improve memory
  • Keep your brain working
  • Expand your ability to think
  • Enhance Problem solving skills
  • Increase comprehension and retention

You don’t have a new book? No problem.

Pick up an old book that you have not read in a while and give it another viewing. I bet you will find things you may have missed the first time around.

Go to the public library. Leaving with a new library card and book feels great!

Many coffee shops and stores provide “take a book, return a book” bookshelves so peruse those titles and see if something catches your eye.

If you have a book, start a book club. Reading with others and discussing the books builds a sense of belonging and community. How wonderful is that?

There are always e-readers that offer free books, especially the classics. My favorite? A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, originally published in 1859.

And if you would like a list of books to kick start you library posted, NATIONAL READ A BOOK DAY: TOP 10 BOOKS OF 2019 SO FAR for your viewing pleasure.

Do you have a pile of books that you have never read?

According to, Did You Know…

“…that the Japanese word tsundoku refers to the act of piling up books without reading them? We have all been guilty one time or the other of buying multiple books and letting them pile without ever getting around to reading them.”

Share your books by building your own “Little Free Library.”  Read more about this wonderful community phenomenon.

Are you inspired to read?

Sure, you are! The weekend is upon us. Pick a book and settle in. Happy Reading!

Special note: Today is also Fight Procrastination Day so get a book and start reading. No time to waste.

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