Fun Fact #25: The shortest sentence is….

“I am.”

Ok, arguably, “Go!” could be the shortest sentence but for my purposes, we are going to use “I Am.” There are scholars who argue I am is not a complete sentence.  A complete sentence contains a subject and a verb. Therefore, they claim “Go!” is the shortest sentence because commands have implied subjects.

Who am I? I am…

This is where it gets interesting. The question, “Who am I?” is so short but so powerful a question. For our purposes, we are going to ask that question in terms of our profession and/or passion. The answers will change over the years, but all those answers brought you here…to who you are.

When facilitating a networking event last week, I asked each person at the table to take a few minutes to tell everyone who they were and what their business was. Most people started with “I am…” or “We are…” and stumbled just a bit until they got warmed up. We all do.

But when I asked them to tell us something about themselves unrelated to their business that perhaps no one knew about them. They answered quickly and with enthusiasm. I loved it. But why was that so easy?

It is easy.

We pressure ourselves to sound a certain way or express a level of confidence and determination to explain our 9 to 5 existence. No need- just be and tell it like it is. Take a breath and try it from a different perspective:

  • I am Karen and I love what I do! (then go on to explain your business)
  • I am Karen and I had the best experience with a client last week. We are content writers….
  • I am Karen and I have been so lucky to work with so many members of this organization. We are website designers and content writers….

How’s that instead of just plain old “I am”? Pretty good!

Now take a few minutes and practice that opening chat and I bet you will find you are a smooth as silk. But if you still have trouble, spend a few minutes with us and we will help you on your way.

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