Fun Fact #23: May 17th is Pack Rat Day.

Concept of chaos in the office with flying objects and furnishings

I am introducing Pack Rat Day in an effort to spark conversation about saving old things for ever and ever no matter the value. This applies to your business and your digital ‘life’ and storage.

Why the term Pack Rat?

The term pack rat describes a person who collects and saves objects both useful and not useful. They keep them at all costs and can get quite out of control. This is not to minimize or make light of the challenges some people have with hoarding as this is a serious issue.

According to,

“The term pack rat comes from the rodent of the same name. Also called woodrats, these rodents are known to be nesters. They collect anything they can find to make their nests. They are known to get distracted by shiny new things – if they see something they like, they will drop what they are currently holding to get the shiny new item for their nest!”

Am I a digital and virtual pack rat?

While you may not actually be a virtual pack rat, you may be saving things or holding on to old content and documents that need a purge. Let me explain:

  • When was the last time you updated your website content? Does it still mention old pricing, outdated images, and maybe even broken links?
  • What about your social media sites? Update your images, create a new post, or add/update your profile.
  • Marketing materials. Are you still only using printed brochures and products sheets? Try uploading them and creating ways for your clients and prospects to read more about your business.

How can I get rid of this pack rat mentality?

Good question. Some of us are disciplined and can allot for time to go through all aspects of their business looking for ways to clean up the clutter and update all client facing communications such as websites, blogs, and marketing materials.

Others need some help. Don’t stress about it. I am telling you about this holiday with 24 hours to spare! Do you have time for a quick call or cup of coffee, either virtually or in person? I’m sure you do so let’s set a time to chat and get rid of the pack rat and welcome in a streamlined and updated new you.

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