Do you really need an SSL Certificate?

do you need an ssl certificate
Cursor pointing to a secure web browser connection via https. The browser address bar is the primary focal point of the image. The "secure" status is displayed via a green lock and "secure" label.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Yes, you need an SSL Certificate!

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate creates a secure, encrypted bridge between a website and a user’s browser. The encryption protects your visitor’s sensitive information including credit card information, legal and medical data, and passwords. The SSL prevents hackers from accessing this data or causing harm to your website.

What is the purpose of an SSL Certificate?

If you are like most people, you may not pay attention to the address bar as you type in the website address for your favorite website. When a website has installed an SSL Certificate, the usual http becomes https. This displays the closed padlock image as a symbol of trust and credibility. It informs the website visitor that you are a legitimate and authentic business.

By clicking on the closed padlock, you can view the certificate information including the name of the business on the certificate and the validity period.

Why do you need an SSL Certificate?

In the last month, we have received three calls from business owners whose websites were hacked. None of the websites had SSL Certificates and two of the websites were dormant without any updated content in over 12 months.

Author’s note: Fresh content is key. Would be hackers may be deterred from attempting to hack an active and secure web site.

With more than 60% of online users saying they will not shop or visit a site that does not display the “padlock”, the SSL is a wise investment for your website. That little padlock signifies safety, reliability, and legitimacy.

An SSL is a must have for e-commerce websites, although it has become standard for most websites including bloggers.

How do you get an SSL for your website?

Technical and IT support companies can purchase and install an SSL for your business. At Put Another Way, we work with reliable and professional IT services. If our team builds a website for you and hosts your new website, the SSL is included providing you with a safe and welcoming website for your business.

If there is a downside to purchasing an SSL, it may be cost, depending on where you purchase the SSL. The speed of your website could be affected because the data could tax the server for transmitting the encrypted information. This usually is present with high volume, high traffic websites and can be addressed by an IT professional.

What is the moral of the story?

Please consider purchasing an SSL from your hosting company or your local IT professional. A hacked website is an unpleasant experience, and losing visitors and customers is unnecessary.

Contact us if you need a good network or technical referral for help with an SSL. Better yet? Just have us build your new website and the SSL comes along with it!



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