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Website design marries exceptional content at Put Another Way. These two critical pieces create your brand and image and we are pleased to provide these services to so many small businesses and start-up companies.

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Content Writing

Copywriting services near Albany NY

Why should you hire a content writer?

The challenge of getting a quality website, blogging, or marketing content doesn’t always require a full-time headcount. It does, however, need a focused, unbiased, outside view of your business. Content communicates your company culture, products, and service to your targeted audience. An outsourced content writing professional offers distance and objectivity when creating content, ensuring you and your team can do what you do best- grow your business!

The second set of eyes

Content writers are skilled and competent at reviewing websites for layout and design, ensuring your content has the right home. The flow of a website, including images, can engage a visitor beyond the topic at hand. The goal is for your visitors to come to your website, learn about you, and stay awhile.


A quality content writer engages with your internal or external marketing team to support the company’s marketing goals and strategy. The writer’s expertise assists in producing original, relevant content to boost your sales and marketing initiatives.

Content can educate your clients and prospects. Relevant content enables your audience to make smarter purchasing decisions. Consistent content improves your SEO (search engine optimization) and social media engagement.

Why is website content so valuable?

Website content is a broad term encompassing text, images, video, and sound, creating the user experience. Your website content is the guiding force behind driving traffic to your website.

Your content is at hand to welcome a visitor and answer the questions that brought them to your website.

  • Keep it simple. Create and display your content to answer the questions and motivate the visitor to take action. You are the best ambassador of your brand, so be sure your content reflects your passion and knowledge.
  • It’s not about you; it’s about them. What are your customers and prospects looking for? If you have it, how can we best explain it to them and incentivize them to buy or take action? Your content should speak to them in their ‘language.’
  • Never let it get stale. You have worked so hard on your website and content. You sit back now and relax, waiting for the phone to ring and business to pour in, right? Nope, it takes a little more than that. Add a blog, so your content is fresh. Review the website pages regularly and update them as needed.
content writing services Albany NY

We love to write content.
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What is a blog, and do I need one?

A blog is a creative opportunity to communicate with your prospects, customers, and employees. Your blog provides a chance to share your message, passion, and experiences. Blog posts are mechanisms to do three things:

Drive website traffic and boost your search engine optimization. People will continue to visit your blog and engage in a relationship with your company.

Deliver thought leadership content establishing you and your business as a resource and industry leader.

Humanize your online presence. People buy from who they know, like, and trust. Your blog content can build upon those three attributes.

Blogging does not have to be intimidating. Our writers can blog on a weekly or monthly basis. Organization and commitment are critical. We swear by our Editorial Calendar to map out the blog dates, titles, and the call to action for each blog post. Writing it down makes it real. When you design the plan for the post creation and publishing dates, it should come together according to and in support of your marketing goals and strategies. Don’t have marketing goals and a strong strategy? It is okay. (I have marketing gurus that can help!)

Take the time to determine the purpose of your blogging efforts. There is nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit so long as it stays within the scope and message you are looking to deliver.

Can’t think straight? No worries. We got you.

When should you do a press release?

Press releases provide a medium to generate publicity regarding a specific announcement, support brand awareness, and ultimately drive traffic to your website. In addition to press releases, you can communicate your message through social media posts, local civic publications, and community group websites. We create professional press releases and utilize local and national news wires and outlets.

Identify your brand through product descriptions and sales collateral

Deliver a consistent message for all products and services through website content, sales collateral, newsletters, and trade show materials. Your brand integrity and interactions remain constant in all communication and channels.