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Website design marries exceptional content at Put Another Way. These two critical pieces create your brand and image and we are pleased to provide these services to so many small businesses and start-up companies.

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Schenectady, NY 12308
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Our goal is to capture your purpose, reflect your brand, and communicate your message through interactive website design and rich content.

You know who you are, and you clearly understand what you do, then why is it so hard to write about it? We know you just need a little encouragement.

At Put Another Way, we encourage others for a living. We enjoy the challenges presented to us when a startup company is excited to begin its journey. Or a business owner who, after 15 years, decides it is time for a new logo, brand identity, and website. We live for these moments!

My name is Karen Lombardo, and I am the founder of Put Another Way LLC. The pause a client takes when they view their website for the first time makes it all worth it. I love to receive a phone call after an interview that my client got the job. To me, it is more than just words on paper and images on the internet. It is personal.

I lost my beloved officemate, Izzy, in November of 2020. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her, but we hired a new assistant.

I want to introduce you to Miss Tillie.

Karen Lombardo Copywriter Albany NY

Miss Tillie is a two-year-old English Bulldog.  Tillie is a rescue from a neglected and abusive environment.  Every day, she works hard as my assistant soaking in love and kisses in return for a whole tail and body wagging. Like her predecessor Izzy, Tillie spends most of her time sleeping and standing guard, ready to listen to the blog posts and content I read aloud to her. I am so fortunate to welcome Tillie to my team.

Amelia Lombardo,
Social Media and Marketing Analysis

Amelia joins our team at Put Another Way upon completing her MBA at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.  Amelia created and managed social media and communications content along with competitive analysis for SweetBio in Memphis, Tennessee. Her passions include social media metrics and website metric analysis!  Amelia lives in Rochester, NY with Nick and Mittens.

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Website design and custom content can be pretty simple.

Website design and original content are simple. We say that because we will do all the heavy lifting. Creating a website and its content requires an in-depth understanding of you and your business. We devote the time to unpack your marketing strategy or create one with you and review your goals so that we get it right with a minimal amount of effort and anxiety on your part. Pretty simple.

The process can be fun and enlightening. The exercise of communicating with us about your business helps you, in turn, to create the right message to your customers and prospects. In the end, you just may understand and realize you are as good as your clients say you are, and your brand reflects and supports it. Pretty simple.

We are here to create a resume that reflects you and your success, design a website to inspire visitors to take action, and write unique content to drive website and social media interaction. Pretty simple.

Simple is good, and our simple pleasure is evident when you get the interview, see the new website, or publish your first blog. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your lives.

Work with us.

We want to get to know you before representing you, designing your website, or drafting your resume. We love coffee. No, really, we do. If you’re local to the Capital Region in New York, let’s meet in person. If you’re not, we can ‘virtually’ share a steaming cup of Joe. Work with us and see how our Happy Clients came to be so happy!

Remember, we said it was simple.

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