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3 tips for creating relevant content during this pandemic.

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3 tips for creating relevant content during this pandemic.

Just creating and typing the title for this blog post was concerning. Are we focused too much on working within the constraints of the pandemic? Should we attempt to just find our way to conduct business as usual with our current clients and new prospects? People are ready to hear something good, exciting or encouraging.

Is blogging a good idea right now?

Yes. Consistent communication is key right now and if your business offers a product or service that can help others during this coronavirus pandemic, talk about it. You don’t have to sell it, just share what you have and how it might help. Business owners and consumers are looking for ways to save money, stretch their budgets, and keep their businesses and households ‘open.’  So help them. You have valuable knowledge and experience. Put it out there. Here are 3 tips for creating relevant content:

Tip #1: Let’s not over think this.

As a blogger for our clients, we spend time developing and creating relevant content and creating a content calendar mapping out the topics we want to touch upon throughout the month or year. When everything was uprooted, we revisited the calendar and made the proper adjustments to keep the content relevant.

  • For some clients, we continued our focus on education and training. This type of blog post builds trust and value.
  • In other cases, we offered new and/or discounted services related to COVID-19 such as disinfectant services and discounted professional fees.
  • This pandemic has touched virtually every type business and we discussed ways to review content topics and shift as needed to be relevant to each business’ client base.

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Tip #2: Mix it up a bit.

Change is good and right now your followers and readers may be looking for a change. If you have always given ‘how to’ advice, try soliciting advice. Do a survey with a prize drawing or ask for guest bloggers.  The coronavirus and social distancing have altered the way we do business. Individuals are at home, remote, furloughed, or on a reduced schedule. People have more time and experts are saying online research and reading time is on the rise. The days of skimming and perusing the opening paragraph of a blog have expanded into blog engagement and commenting. Find a good guest blogger and give it a shot.

Tip #3: Find your new voice.

I am not a fan of the term, “new normal.” To me, normal is in the moment where you live right now. That means you need to find a way to communicate in these changing times. Your written and spoken voice may need to adjust a bit. If you own a brick and mortar business and you cannot welcome customers in person, then your voice needs to find a way to communicate and engage with those customers…in this moment. You may find your voice in a new location or venue. We have taken to the streets, literally, to walk with appropriate social distancing, to conduct our content reviews while on a bike path, city street, or state park. It is very cathartic and freeing to be outside in this late spring upstate New York air. Creative juices are flowing!

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